Chronicles of a Clearance Diver


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Chronicles of a Clearance Diver
A series of books by Eamon ‘Ginge’ Fullen QGM

Paperback, perfect bound
Black and white and colour photographs throughout
250 mm x 205 mm (9.75 in x 8 in)

Click on the titles below for more information on each Chronicle

1   The First of the Few: Jim ‘Guns’ Cannon – Copper helmet to Copper’s helmet
2   The Suez Crisis of 56: Yorky Wilkinson – One of the last of the underwater knife men
3   In Troubled Waters: Carl Massey – One step forward
4   A Tin Head and a Cork Head’s Story: Don Hodge – We followed the goats
5   Those Who Came Before Us: Diver Hilton – The accidental deep dive world record holder
6  The Saturation and Deep Divers: Cris Ballinger BEM – One of the first instructors
7   The Lochinvar Divers: Sam Stanley BEM – In at the deep end
8   Big Bangs and Other Mischief: Dean ‘Simmo’ Simpson –The worst thing you can be is the same as everyone else
9   The Big EOD Clearances: ‘Scouse’ Kidman QGM – EOD on land and sea
10  The Atmospheric Divers: Pete Still QCB, MCM – Still waters run deep
11  The Salvage Divers: Mike O’Meara – The salvage of the century
12  Every Breed of Diver: Navy divers throughout the ages
13  Divers in Disasters: Saving lives, rescues and tragedy
14  The Ups and Downs of a Diver: Ginge Fullen QGM – Subsea to Summit (vol. 1)
15  The Iraq War 1991: ‘Ozzie’ Hammond CGM – One of a kind
16  Suez 74: John Dadd BEM – Diving in war and peace
17  Divers Yarns, Dits and Stitch-ups!: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story
18  The Falklands Conflict (vol. 1): The divers who went to war – “Who are these people and where do we get them from?”
19  The Falklands Conflict (vol. 2): The forgotten teams – Tales from MCDOs, Clearance Divers and Ships Divers

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