Check for Leaks, by Richard Castle


Experimental submersible trials with the JIM suit, Mantis etc during the 1970s and 80s.

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Check for Leaks, A story of civil servants and their strange activities during the Cold War.
by Richard Castle

Hardback with printed cover.
Black and white and colour photos throughout.

Richard Castle recounts his six years in the 1970s working with scientists, divers and technicians in the Atmospheric Diving Group who helped to make diving safer for all those who work under the sea.

Chapters include: Testing of Mantis at Stoney Cove; the Logisitics of JIM; Training divers in the ways of JIM; Welding and cutting ‘trials’; Admiralty Experiment Works; Life-Support Experiments; HMS Dolphin Trials and HMS Vernon jolly; Falmouth and Seaforth Clansman; The Falklands War; Subsmash training.

Brown Dog Books, 2019
155 mm x 215 mm (approx. 6 in x 8.5 in)

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