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ANOTHER WHITSTABLE TRADE,  An Illustrated History of Helmet Diving, by John Bevan

The first authoritative book on the history of the helmet diving industry. It follows the development of helmet diving from its invention by the Deane Brothers in the early 19th century to its establishment in Whitstable where it took such a hold that Charles Dickens reported that ‘every fourth man was a diver’. It was from this small Kent town that the technology and practice spread throughout the world.

The book relates the early years through the main diving families in Whitstable and through the major organizations of the day (Royal Engineers, Trinity House, Liverpool Salvage Association, etc).

Diving manufacturers are recorded including famous names such as Siebe Gorman, Heinke and Fleuss, as well as accounts of some of the most notable divers of the day. Civil engineering applications include helmet diving work carried out on bridges and tunnels, harbours and in rivers and canals. Heavily illustrated throughout.

It is an invaluable reference book about an industry whose technology led to the present global diving industry, including the diving companies operating offshore recovering oil and gas. Even space travel has only become possible through the development of sophisticated astronaut life-support systems, the evolution of which traces back through high-altitude flying to diving life-support equipment and ultimately back to the divers of Whitstable.

Hard back with dust jacket
210 mm x 297 mm (approx. 8.25 in x 12 in)
400 pages
Fully illustrated Numbered edition of 750
Published 2009
ISBN 0 9508242 5 9

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