1928 – 1932, Artiglio, Una Storia Incredible, by Sauro Sodini


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1928–1932, Artiglio, Una Storia Incredible (Artiglio, An Incredible Story)
Sauro Sodini
Bilingual (Italian and English)


A photographic record of the remarkable exploits of the divers who carried out the one of the greatest salvaging feats of all time – the silver and gold from the wreck of the P&O Liner SS Egypt which sank off the French coast in 1922. Chock full of photographs (some of the original black and white photos have added colour). Foreword by Fabio Vitale, President of the Historical Diving Society Italia.

Heavily illustrated throughout (B&W and colour)
153 pages
215 mm x 206 mm (approx. 8.5 in x 8.2 in)
2023, Edizioni Ancora

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