The Subsea7 Eagle diving bell with the representatives on Subsea7 and Museum volunteers standing in front ot it facing the camera.

Thursday 10th August 2023.
The Diving Museum, Stokes Bay, Gosport.

We are excited to announce that after 2 years in the planning, and thanks to the generosity of Subsea7, the Subsea7 DSV Eagle diving bell finally found its way to the Diving Museum.

It was delivered in 3 parts on a crane truck: the bell, its stand-off frame and the clump weight. After a full safety briefing, the work began and the stand-off frame and clump weight were carefully lifted and placed in position. The 10-ton bell was too heavy to be placed in position by the crane on the truck and so it was deposited outside the railings to wait for the arrival of a larger crane which lifted it onto the stand-off frame.

It is an impressive bell – dwarfing our other outdoor exhibits. Mike O’Meara, our Chairman and Liz James of Subsea7 wasted no time in exploring the interior of the bell once it was securely in position.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Subsea7. We are proud to be able to give the Subsea7 Eagle Bell a new home.