Group of people on the summit of Snowdon, surrounding a man in Standard diving dress looking down to the viewer,

Having successfully climbed Ben Nevis in Standard Dress two years ago, the Working Equipment Group repeated the challenge on Mount Snowdon, the highest point in Wales. 

This year the team were raising funds not only for the Society but also for a little girl in Wales who desperately needs a special hearing aid and also for the Llanberis Mountain Rescue team. If  you haven’t visited the GoFundMe site, and would like to donate, please do so using this link: Snowdon Diver.

Ty Burton had to jump through hoops to get all the necessary permissions to carry out the challenge, but it was nothing compared to what was in store for the team on the hottest weekend of the year. It was a scorching weekend and the team had to douse the helmet in water to help cool it down – the water evaporating almost immediately.

It started with a dive in the lake at the foot of the mountain and was followed by a short walk through the town, rattling collection buckets and taking advantage of a few refreshment stops on the way. The climb itself took two days, members of the team taking turns to walk the next 100 metres until the eventually summited on Sunday 14th August. A visiting member of the public generously donated a large amount to have a go himself and, after the necessary safety interrogation, he was permitted to have a go – thank you Dublin Jack!

Congratulations to the entire team for pulling off such an amazing feat in such incredibly hot dry conditions. And a huge thank you to every single person who has donated to our Charity Challenge. We have a little way to go to reach our funding goal but, like our intrepid Snowdon Divers, we hope to celebrate on the funding summit!