Helmeted diver emerging from the water giving a 'thumbs up'

In a day that saw every season, we enjoyed another successful weekend of standard diving at Stoney Cove. We are indebted to Sandy, Jean Pierre and Thomas from the Dutch Historical Diving Society who brought their diving equipment and generously shared it with our members to dive.

It was a pleasure to see Ty there as well as Nick Gill from Guernsey and Phil McGovern who was visiting from Australia. Sandy and Phil are the driving force behind the new siebegorman.org website which is creating a database of Siebe Gorman helmets and pumps. it will grow to be an invaluable resource for Siebe enthusiasts and researchers.

Sandy commissioned a local (EU) firm to replicate the twill fabric that was used to manufacture Siebe suits and successfully christened a suit that was made from that fabric at Stoney on Saturday. Peter W brought his latest acquisition, a Siebe/Heinke pearler but didn’t quite get round to testing it in water.

Everyone gave a hand at helping to dress in, tend the lines, man the pumps and comms and to help pack up at the end of the day. Phil smiled his way through a foot stomp; Ben played the main attraction to a couple of coot chicks.

Huge thanks to everyone who came and shared their time, knowledge and experience. Now we must focus on getting our Working Equipment Group operational again for next year.

Some photos from the day follow: