Drawing of a shopping trolley inside the blue outline of a heart - the logo of Give as you Live.

Covid-19 has altered the lives of so many of us this year. As a Society it has prevented us from holding our usual social events and, regrettably, the Diving Museum has had to close for the entire year.

With the worry about another potential national lockdown looming, more and more of us are resorting to the internet to keep in touch with family and friends and to do our shopping.  It looks increasingly likely that our Christmas shopping this year might be carried out online.

From now on, you can shop online AND support the HDS at absolutely no extra cost to you whatsoever. By opening an account at Give as You Live you can support the Society with every purchase you make whether it is books, food and drink, entertainment, sports goods, travel, software, home furnishings, gifts, etc. With over 4,000 big name UK stores to choose from, you will be certain to find what you are looking for.

All you need to do is log into Give as You Live before you make the purchase. Search for the item or store you want, follow the link to that web site, make your purchase and Give as You Live will take care of the rest. Every time you make a purchase, a small percentage of the total will be donated to the HDS.

Give as You Live is not just for Christmas!
Use it for all your purchases and know you are supporting our charity with every penny you spend.


‘The Historical Diving Society’ (Charity No. 1159032)