Man dressed in standard dress wearing a red woollen hat and holding the bonnet of the diving helmet on his right knee.

Wednesday 4th August 2021
8.30am – 4pm
Defence Diving School, Horsea Island, PO6 4TT

The working Equipment Group will be dipping Navy divers at Horsea Lake on the 4th August.

At all such events there are a variety of jobs that need to be done:
Help with setting up and packing up the equipment
Talking to the diver on the comms
Helping with the pump
Setting up (& packing up) and selling merchandise
Learning the ropes – how to dress in a diver
Recruiting new members, etc.

The more we share the more fun we have.
Any members who would like to turn up to help are very welcome. (Please let us know if you are coming so that we can advise the Defence Diving School. All visitors need to be escorted to the site).