A seatd diver in standard dress surrounded by 4 volun†eers helping to add the chest weights to to suit.

Wednesday 4th August turned on the good weather, turned out a large band of volunteers and turned in some excellent diving at Horsea Lake. It was a full day with and the team managed to dip a bakers dozen – 12 booked and one for luck. We would normally not manage so many but with experienced divers having a go we managed to squeeze a few more in.

Ty, John W and Elliott led the dressing supported by a large number of HDS members and volunteers from the Diving Museum who did the paperwork, manned the pumps and comms, fed out/in the hoses and generally helped wherever they could. Huge thanks to everyone who turned out to help – it made the whole thing an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

We must also thank the DDS for inviting us to dive and to everyone who had a go. We tried out a few suits we hadn’t used in a while – apologies (and thanks) to those of you who identified the ones that leaked.

Roger Forster took the photos topside and the two standby divers took in-water pictures with his camera. You can see some of his (and other’s) pics on our Facebook page:


Ty is hoping to do another rally at Stoney Cove in the next month or so. We’ll post more details as and when we can confirm the details. We hope you can join us.