Last weekend (September 28th and 29th 2019), the HDS Netherlands held their 18th helmet diving weekend in Lake Galder, near Breda. Lake Galder is a clear water lake with a sandy bottom and easy access – divers simply walk in, guided by an entry tender.
Divers from Germany, England and Wales joined the Dutch divers and had the opportunity to dive a range of diving sets including Siebe Gorman 6 and 12 bolt, Heinke 6 bolt, Desco MK V helmet, 3-bolt Draeger and the Franz Clouth regulator helmet.
As always, the weekend started by setting up an event shelter where coffee, tea, drinks, sandwiches, soup and hotdogs were available (not forgetting the irresistible Belgian chocolates and other treats!).
The goals of the weekend were to dive with each others equipment, and share knowledge and information in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere.
We were delighted to welcome visitors from  Holland and Belgium who showed great interest in the Historical Diving Society and the activities of the DWEG. A Dutch diving team called “Duikteam IJmond” was also invited (they own a 12 bolt Siebe and a Kirby Morgan helmet).
Visit the Dutch Working Equipment Group You Tube channel for lots of video on their rallies. And don’t miss our own Working Equipment Officer Ty Burton  taking on the role of pump attendant and diver at the same time. Definitely worth a look!
It was a very enjoyable weekend with a participants from several European countries sharing the teamwork, having fun and keeping diving history alive and well.
Congratulations to DWEG for another successful weekend. We look forward to the 19th helmet diving rally!