Shadowy figure of a diver in looking at camera holding up his right hand to make an 'OK' sign

On 28 January 2023, on what would have been Commander Lionel ‘Buster’ Crabb’s 114th Birthday, a small celebration was held at Durrants Cottage in Rowlands Castle where Crabb lived with for a short time with his wife Margaret in the last few years before his famous disappearance while investigating the hull of a visiting Russian ship in Portsmouth Harbour in April 1956.

Organised by Jonathan Edwards, a large group of invitees were entertained in a style that Crabb himself would have fully endorsed – ample rum to go round and, amusingly, delicious crab sandwiches. Our Museum Director and Curator attended.

Jonathan Edwards gave  short speech, after which the plaque was unveiled by a member of the Rowlands Castle Heritage Centre to applause and (yet another) tot of rum.

The weather was kind; the company generous and sociable; a fitting tribute.
Commander Crabb would have been very proud.



Photograph of the front of Durrants Cottage just after the plaque hd been unveiled with a handful of people looking up the plaque which was above the front porch.