Pair of lead-soled leather diving boots with orange bucket behind


The kit is getting dusted off and ready for 2021. Put Saturday 19th June in your diary, especially if you fancy a trip to Cromhall Quarry in Gloucestershire.

In addition to getting a chance to dive, all the equipment needs to be checked and tested beforehand. Many hands make light work. So come and help.

And if you want to make it the day you have your first Standard Dive of the year, don’t forget to book a slot with Cromhall Quarry as they have a limit on the number of divers allowed in the water at any one time.

Only a few weeks to go.
We hope to see you there!

Standard helmet, separated into bonnet and corselet with cleaning materials around it.
2 lead chest weights under a pile of rope with black hose on the right hand side
Large cast iron wheels for a diving pump in foreground looking towards an open garage door.
leather belt with diving knife, white socks and rope on a black leather bench.
Reel of red air supply hose for a diver with the arm of a cream coloured standard diving suit lying over the top
Old fashioned telephone for a standard diver together with tool boxes