Annual Conference

Saturday, 19th November 2022

Each year since 1990, the Society has held an annual conference – with the exception of 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. Leading pioneers and researchers give presentations and the Society’s various awards are given.

The Conference is open to all – it is not restricted to members only. Non-members are very welcome.



A night time photograph of the exterior of Subsea7's offices in Sutton, south London
A view of the interior of the building

The 2022 Conference will be held at the headquarters of Subsea7 in Sutton, south London.

40 Brighton Road

Getting there
Trains from Victoria Station to Sutton Station; journey time approximately 35 minutes.
Subsea7 is a 10 minute walk from Sutton station.

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2022 Programme

Speakers and timings to be confirmed

Head and shoulders photograph of Patrick Van Hoeserlande

The Development of Buoyancy Aids in diving (Title to be confirmed)
Patrick Van Hoeserlande
Air Force Major Van Hoeserlande Patrick, Ir GS

Patrick Van Hoeserlande is a diving instructor, a writer-editor of the Flemish diving magazine ‘Hippocampus’ and an occasional contributor to ‘Divers for the Environment’. As an aeronautical engineer, he has a keen interest in how things work and why. He started a professional doctorate at the Cardiff Metropolitan University carrying out research in (military) concept development. He is passionate about the combination of technology and diving and enthusiastic about spreading the word about his field of interest.


Every year the Society presents awards to the individuals and organisations who have made a significant contribution to the furtherance of diving history knowledge.



The Society publishes the presentations given by the speakers at the Annual Conferences each year.