Side view of a dver dressed in Standard dress climbing up a ladder out of the water

Our first Working Equipment Group event of the year will take place at the Defence Diving School at Horsea Lake on the last weekend in March.

We will be dressing and diving RNR Divers only. Our programme is full so we will be unable to offer anyone else a dive. But we would welcome any members who would like to come and learn and help: Helping to dress the divers, do the paperwork, take photographs at the event, unload and reload the equipment, man the pump, etc.

Diving will start at 9am so we should aim to be onsite at 8.30am.
The address for the Defence Diving School is West Bund Road, Portsmouth, PO6 4TT

As it is an operational Royal Navy site, if you are a member or museum volunteer and would like to help at this event, please send your name/s, your vehicle make and registration number and the day/s you would like to attend to by 12th March at the latest.