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HDS Spain’s annual Vintage Diving Event is being held on 16th – 18th September in Lloret de Mar, Spain and this year will include a Vintage Underwater Camera meeting.

2022 Vintage Underwater Camera Meeting & Vintage Diving Meeting

Dates: 16, 17 & 18 September
Location: Lloret de Mar, Gerona, Spain

The Vintage Diving rally will include:
Deep & Shallow Water helmets, and twin hose regulators.
An exhibition of vintage diving equipment.
An opportunity to sell and trade vintage equipment.

For Vintage Underwater Camera enthusiasts there will be:
Lectures on old photographic and diving equipment.
Talks on ‘The Making of the Underwater Movies’:
• Blue Water White Death (1971) by Peter Gimbel, and his cameras
• The Deep (1977) speaker: Wulf Koehler (UW Camera Engineer Staff)
• The Big Blue (1988) speaker: Christian Petron (Director of Photography)
An exhibition of UW Cameras and movie posters of the above mentioned films.
A visit to the French Laboratory Arago, where the first underwater photograph was taken by the biologist and diver, Louis Boutan, in 1893.

For more info and updates of the programme, click here or  please visit:
The Barcelona Underwater Camera Museum

and The HDS Spain