Underwater view of a diver in standard dress from the waist up with a sports diver in the mid distance.


Diving in the old-fashioned standard dress – copper helmet, chest weights and boots – is a unique experience. Our event at Cromhall Quarry is an opportunity for you to experience just such a dive.

Please be aware that when fully dressed, the equipment weighs 80kg.
If you are not strong enough to support that weight, please do not consider doing a dive.
It helps if you are already a qualified diver but if we think that it will not be safe for you to dive, we will reserve the right to cancel your dive.

The diving suit is a dry suit so just wear comfortable casual wear. We will dress you, help you in and out of the water and explain to you what the equipment is and how it works. You are also welcome to help on the pump and communications for another diver, if you wish; we will show you what you will need to do.

There are only 8 places available, so please buy your ticket early if you would like to do a Try Dive. If you are buying this experience as a gift, please make sure that the recipient is fit and strong and comfortable about diving in heavy diving dress.

You are welcome to bring along friends and family.
Tickets can be purchased here.

Venue: Cromhall Quarry, Wotton Rd, Cromhall GL12 8AA

Tel: 01454 260130