A man in Standard Diving Dress supported by a man on each side climbing up a stony mountainside

Sub Sea to Summit 2022

Two years ago we planned to carry out a charity climb to the top of Mt. Snowdon, starting with a dive in Llyn Padarn – hence, Sub Sea to Summit. Unfortunately, our plans were thwarted by Covid. Thwarted, but not cancelled. We plan to accomplish our mission this year in August.

We will be raising money for three good causes: a local person in need of medical help; Llanberis Mountain Rescue, and the HDS.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to collect donations for this charity fund-raiser. Search for Sub Sea to Summit 2022

It is a tough challenge and will take three days to complete. A support team is crucial to its success, both on and off the mountain. We need your help.

The challenge will be done in full Standard Dress weighing 80kg. As one diver completes a given distance, another will take over the next set distance etc until we reach the summit. Help will be needed not only completing a distance but also in carrying equipment up to the next changeover point ready for the next person to take over, etc.

We also need help to carry the kit, the tent, food and water, etc. up the mountain.
To accompany the diver to collect donations on all three days.
To set up and manage a funding page.
To help with advertising and publicity (newspapers, radio, TV, etc)
To sponsor promotional material such as T-shirts.

Please help with whatever you can. However small. It will be greatly appreciated.


Friday 12th August:
9 am for 9.30am start:
Dive in Llyn Padarn in full Standard Dress followed by a walk around Llanberis collecting donations and walking to the start of the path up Snowdon (finishing at about 2 pm).
Saturday 13th August:
8am for an 8.30 am start: Walk up Snowdon to the railway crossing on the mountain (finishing no later than 4.30 pm). A few of the team members will camp overnight on the mountain.
Sunday 14th August:
8.30am for 9am:
Helpers join the team at the railway crossing.  Walk from the railway crossing to the summit, arriving around 10am.
Celebrate! Take lots of photos. And then arrange for the equipment to be brought back down the mountain (we may or may not be able to use the train for this).