2 seated divers facing the camera. One in modern commercial diving dress and the other in standard dress.

Saturday 12th August 2023.
A private event in the Liverpool docks for the staff of Hughes Subsea Services.

The Working Equipment Group will be at the Docks dressing and dipping dives in Standard Dress exclusively for the staff members of Hughes Subsea Services.

HDS members, if you can come to help, please do, not only to help with the equipment but also to learn how to dress a diver and how to operate the pump and comms, take in-water video, act as standby diver, etc. It will be a busy day diving 10 to 15 divers so we appreciate all the help you can offer.

Sharing the experience and passing down these skills is what we are all about.
If you can come, please let our Working Equipment Group Officer know in advance. (weg@thehds.com)

Liverpool Docks, Liverpool, L3 4AF. From 9am.