Black and white image of a standing diver facing the camera wearing a vintage diving set. Image is framed by a green oval 'mount'.

8th Annual International Retro Diving Meeting
9-11 September
Lestinka Quarry, Skuteč, Czech Republic
(GPS:49°50′27.48″N 15°58′27.60″E), 


Friday 9 September 2022
Arrival of the first participants.
Informal friendly evening party.


Saturday 10 September 2022 – The main programme
10:30 Programme starts
• Exhibition of historical diving equipment from the collections of HDS CZ members.
• Historical diving gear, books, magazines, etc to trade, buy or sell,

• Diving (in both historical and contemporary diving equipment).
• Displays of diving helmets, diving apparatus and vintage aqualungs.
Please note: Individuals who participate in diving activities, do so at their own risk.

Lectures and presentations on diving history:
• Wieslav Wachovski:
• Enrico Kossak: Diving suit and helmet DM 200/220,
• Milan Nachtigal: Plastics as a part of diving equipment

Barbecue & beer party [15  Euros per person].
End of main programme.
Departure of participants without onsite accommodation.


Sunday 11September 2022 – Free programme
Free choice. options include:
• Diving historical and contemporary diving gear.
• Swimming, sunbathing, available water sports.

Please note: we reserve the right to change the programme.


Accommodation and Catering

In the vicinity of the quarry:

3/4-bed chalets are available, or tents, or caravan.
Price 19 Euros per person per night.
Parking is available on site.
Information about the cost of accommodation, catering and other services can be found at

Full board 15 euros per day per person
Half board 9 Euros per day per person
Single meal 5.50 Euros per day per person

Reservations should be made no later than 15 August 2022:
Phone: +420 725 537 174

Parking is available at the quarry.

For more information visit: