Front of a submarine with a Russian emblem on the conning tower about to dive.

Due to the uncertainty regarding social distancing guidelines in October, we regret that we have had to close bookings for this event. If it becomes clear that there will be no restrictions, we will re-open booking 2 weeks before the event. Thank you for your patience.


On 12 August 2000 the Russian Oscar-class submarine, Kursk suffered a catastrophic explosion which resulted in the submarine sinking to the seabed killing all 118 personnel on board. The Russian Navy did not realise that an accident had occurred and did not initiate a search for more than six hours. It took more than 16 hours to locate the sunken submarine. Over the ensuing 4 days, the Russian Navy unsuccessfully tried to raise the submarine. After 5 days Vladimir Putin finally accepted offers of assistance from the British and Norwegian governments.

Our speaker, Mike O’Meara was a member of the ‘Phase 1 Salvage Planning and Negotiation Team’.

His first hand testimony makes a compelling and fascinating talk about one of the most famous submarine salvages of the century.

Please note we can accommodate only 60 people at this talk (Government guidelines permitting)

We look forward to welcoming you!