Doors open at 7pm.

Fee includes refreshments.

Connor Roe is an experienced cave explorer seeking to map new cave passages though caving and cave diving.

His activities have taken him across Europe, Florida and most recently to the Huautla Region in Mexico.

Cave diving is a unique form of diving fraught with challenges, requiring a calm and collected approach.
With such varied exploration experience, he adapts his equipment and set up for each dive. Whether it is zero visibility sumps in Somerset or decompression diving, flexibility and innovation has to be at the forefront.

When 12 young boys and their coach became trapped in a cave system in Thailand in June 2018, Connor was specifically requested to support the team as part of the British Cave Rescue Council’s assistance to the Thai-led rescue. “The diving was particularly challenging”, he said, “at times you had to manoeuvre yourself almost like a human Tetris”. Although he never lost hope, he did say that a miracle would be needed at some point.

Connor’s talk will cover his experiences as a cave diver and his involvement with the astonishing rescue of the young Thai boys from the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in July 2018.