Film projector with the title of the event displayed in the beam of light emanating from the projector

MAD Movie Moments is a quiz night based on movies especially those that have underwater scenes or themes.

The quiz has a variety of questions some of which include clues in the form of hilarious re-enactments performed by the Museum Amateur Dramatics (MAD) group.

Half way through the quiz we will serve a hearty fish and chips supper (you are welcome to bring your own choice of drinks) and at the end of the evening a prize will be awarded to the team who gets the most correct answers.

We can accommodate 9 teams of 4 (or 5) people. If you can’t make a full team don’t worry, we will introduce you to other guests on the night and together you will be able to make a full complement of 4 (or 5).

Our aim is to make sure you have a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We look forward to welcoming you!