Head and shoulders picture of a diver in a copper helmet with 4 brass portholes. Diver is looking at the viewer through the front porthole and making the 'OK" signal with his left hand.

The HDS Netherlands are planning on hosting their Annual Diving Rally at Lake Galder in September this year. We hope that Covid restrictions will enable it to take place. If there is a change of plan we will announce it on Rope Signals and on this website.

As in previous years, the weekend will start on the evening before (Friday 17th September) when guests will be welcomed at a nearby hotel.

Lake Galder is approx. 15 minutes drive from local accommodation. Diving sessions take place on both Saturday and Sunday until about 4pm. On Saturday night everyone is invited to get together for dinner. There will be an event shelter on site where coffee, tea and lunch will be available for 5 or 6 euros per day. Toilets are a 15 minute walk from the dive site.

The objectives of the rally are to meet other helmet divers, exchange information about historic helmet diving equipment and have fun!

There will be several complete sets of diving equipment to dive including Siebe Gorman, Draeger, and Karl Bernhard and Clouth helmets. You are welcome to bring and dive your own helmet(s) as long as they are in good working order.

Every diver will be accompanied by a safety diver and a safety stop at 2m will be made to ensure that the equipment is safe and sound. If you would like to take a turn as a safety diver, please bring your own scuba equipment with you.
(Please note: While the organisers go to great lengths to ensure the diving is as safe as possible, you must accept responsibility for the security of your equipment and for any accidents and injury. If you have any doubts about your fitness, please consult the diving supervisor before diving).

You do not have to dive of course, but everyone will be asked to help with pumping! It is always an enjoyable social event, an opportunity to meet other ‘vintage divers’ and a photographer’s/videographer’s dream.

For inspiration, see the videos of their earlier rallies on You Tube. Just search for ‘DWEG Lake Galder’.