Text saying "Let's talk about diving. DIVING TALKS"

The Third Annual diving show, ‘Diving Talks’ is to be held at the Navy Museum, Lisbon, Portugal on 6-8 October, 2023.

HDS member Phil Short is one of the speakers at this year’s ‘Diving Talks’.

DIVING Talks 2023 will feature an exhibition area, ‘show and tell’ expo that will host a range of exhibitors from the global diving industry, showcasing their latest services, products and technologies.

You do not have to be a diver to attend but diving in Portugal is excellent and so why not enjoy a few dives at the same time as visiting the show. Visit Diving Talks for more information.

Get a taste of last year’s show: Wrapping Up Diving Talks, 2022

For all the information you need about the location, programme, speakers, exhibitors and what you can expect, visit divingtalks.com.