Silhouette of a diver holding onto a guide line

Doors open at 7pm

Fee includes refreshments

Death on the Line is a light-hearted murder mystery evening of entertainment that will test your powers of deduction.

Over a hearty fish and chips supper, six highly suspicious characters will attempt to bamboozle you with their lies, wiles and red herrings . Your task is to see through the distractions, solve the clues and unmask a murderer! Exercise those little grey cells. Eliminate the impossible and whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth. Elementary really!

A prize will be awarded to the team of four who discover the murderer and most closely deduce the motives.

Gather your fellow sleuths and join us for an entertaining evening of appalling acting and shockingly criminal behaviour.

If you can’t make a table of four beforehand don’t worry – you are most welcome to join a table on the night.

We will serve the fish and chips supper at half time. You are welcome to bring your own drinks.

Booking is essential – we can accommodate only 8 tables of 4.

We look forward to welcoming you.