The title, Death by Corvid, with a red-eyed, be-ruffed black crow standing on the word 'Corvid'.


For two-nights only, by popular demand (which we ignored and decided to go ahead anyway) – an Elizabethan murder mystery set in the corridors of power.

The car crash theatrics of the Museum Amateur Dramatics (MAD) team will once again be unleashed on the unsuspecting public when they invite you to attend the dress rehearsal of ‘Death by Corvid’.

When Lady Macbeth (Lord Boris’ Mum) is murdered, speculation runneth riot. Boris’ court jester, Demonic Comings casteth red herrings abroad while a coven of witches stirreth the pot aided and abetted by a visiting Oracle (from Delphi). Throw in a Bell, Book and Corvid and all the world’s a dysfunctional stage.

Chaos enters, stage left.

A supper of fish and chips will be served at half time during which Lady Macbeth (Boris’ Mum) will prick thine wits to see how much attention thou hast been paying.

Prithee Sir, who dunnit?
Dunno, methinks.
Dost thou?

Welcome to the MAD house. It certainly ain’t Shakespeare!

Please note, we can accommodate only 40 people (10 tables of 4), so please don’t leave it too late to book if you would like to subject yourself a chaotic evening at the mercy of the MAD ‘actors’.

(We’ll serve the fish and chips; you are welcome to bring your own refreshments)

Members: remember to log in to our account to get your discounted tickets.