(Jiří Trpík Memorial)

September 13th – 15th 2019
Bořená hora quarry – Štětkovice by Sedlčany, Czech Republic



Programme of the event:

Friday September 13th
Arrival of the first participants, friendly evening party

Saturday September 14th – the main programme
Arrival of participants

10:00 opening Ceremony
– exhibitions of the historical diving gear from the collections of HDS CZ members,
– the stock of the historical diving gear, books, magazines, etc. to trade, buy or sell,

– diving the historical and present diving gear,
– presentations and diving helmet diving apparatus and old aqualungs,
Note: Anyone who decides to participate in diving activities, does so at his/her own risk.

– the remembrance of Jiří Trpík, the first chairman of HDS CZ
– A development, result and history of lung regulators SATURN, a lecture by Jan Beránek (CZE):
– appropriate other lectures
– a film about historical diving,

– barbecue & beer party (15,- EUR/person)
– close of the main programme
– departure of participants without accommodation,

Sunday September 15th – the free programme
– diving historical and current diving gear,
– swimming, sunbathing, paddleboarding,
– potential visit to auto veterans museum at Strnadice (about 5 km from the quarry)

Alteration of programme is reserved.

In area of the quarry are 3bed/5bed chalets (bring your own sleeping bag and pillow), or in a tent or a

To reserve a place in July call: Mrs. Olga Ryl (mobile: +420 604 555 983), or Mr. Ing. Daniel Ryl
(mobile number +420 603 265 976)

Parking is possible in the area of the quarry.

Hotel Florian in the city Sedlčany (about 6 km from the quarry)
To make a reservation call +420 318 822 207, or book through their website:
hotelflorian.sedlcany@email.cz, www.travelguide.cz/florian

Everybody is heartily welcome.

Ing. Oldřich Lukš v.r.
president of HDS CZ

Jaroslav Klepal v.r.
coordinator of the Retro Diving 2019

Praha, Juni 17th 2019