Useful Links

In this section you will find links to other diving heritage websites where you can find information that you may find interesting and useful.

We do check sites before we link to them but they may change or lapse. If you find that a link does not work, or you can help us to update a link, please let us know. If you can recommend a diving history site that is not included in our list, please also let us know.

Remember, the Historical Diving Society is not responsible for the content of these websites.


15 Ways to reduce plastic pollution

Acronyms & Slang

Active Scuba

The Amphibians Club

Bay of Islands Working Equipment Group (NZ)

BBC coverage of HDS Ben Nevis Climb, September 2018 (UK)

Buy History Prints (UK)

COPP (Combined Operations Pilotage Parties) divers

Deep Sea Classifieds

Depth Gauges (EU)

Desco Corporation (USA)

Dive Scrap(book) (Netherlands)

Diving Collectors Register (Italy)

Diving Equipment Collection (France)

Diving Equipment from the GDR (Germany)

Diving – From the past into the future (UK)

Diving Helmets (Netherlands)

Diving Heritage (UK)

Diving History (USA)

Diving History (Germany)

Diving Machines (Canada)

Drinking Water Base (USA)

Duikmuseum Lemmer (Netherlands)

Frogman Museum (France)

Hard Hat Peter (Australia)

Irish shipwrecks

Jim Suit

Journal of Research on Irish Maritime History (Ireland)

Leon Lyons, Helmets of the Deep (USA)

Mary Rose Museum

Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officers’ Association

Morse Diving (Ken Downey Flickr site images only)

Musée du Scaphandre (France)

Musée Frédéric-Duma (France)

North East diving Equipment Group (USA)

Rebreathers Worldwide (Netherlands)

Scaphandrier du Pieds Lourds (France)

Shipwreck Centre and Maritime Museum (UK)

Svensk Dykerihistorisk Forening

Tauchermuseum Flensbuerg e.V (Germany)

The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum (USA)

Vintage Double Hose Diving (USA)

Vintage Scuba Equipment (Czech Republic)

Vintage Twin hose demand valves (France)

Vintage Twin Hose demand valves (Spain)

Vintage Scuba Equipment (Germany)

Vintage Scuba Equipment (Czech Republic)

Vintage Scuba Supply (USA)

Warsaw Museum of Diving (Poland)