About The Historical Diving Society

Our Mission is to Promote and Preserve our Diving Heritage

We Aim To –

Foster interest and study in all aspects of diving history.

Create an extensive research archive for students of diving history.

Preserve, conserve, research and exhibit a collection of diving artefacts through our outreach project, The Diving Museum.

Maintain and demonstrate the use of diving equipment through our Working Equipment Group.

Achieve excellence in all of the above.

The History of the HDS

The Historical Diving Society (HDS) was formed in 1990 in the UK by a group of enthusiasts whose aim is to preserve and protect diving heritage. Since then the Society has grown into an international organisation with affiliated national societies across the world.

The Diving Museum

In 2011 the Society established a public outreach enterprise: The Diving Museum. Located in a former military Battery in Gosport, Hampshire, the museum is growing rapidly.

In 2019 it achieved accreditation status which means that it has already attained nationally recognised standards of good practice.

Ambitious plans are in place to extend the scale and scope of the museum.

HDS Board

The Society’s Board is comprised of members who share a passion for diving history and the welfare of the Society. Most have a background in commercial or recreational diving. All are volunteers.

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International Diving Societies

The Society has close connections with a growing number of Historical Diving Societies that have been established since 1990 when the HDS was founded in the UK.

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Being a member of the Society not only introduces you to other like-minded individuals but also rewards you with exclusive offers and discounts to selected events and goods. Our e-newsletter, Rope Signals, will also keep you right up to date with our news and events. We look forward to welcoming you to the HDS family!

Information about various aspects of diving history can be found at other web sites some of which are listed here.