Saturday Evening Talks in the Diving Museum

EdinburghFollowing last year’s successful evening talk on the ‘Salvage of HMS Edinburgh’s Gold’, The Diving Museum will host two more evening talks this year.

On 9 May, Cdr John Bingeman will give a talk on ‘The other Solent Wrecks’. John is an amateur nautical archaeologist and was a Government historic wreck licensee for 33 years. After diving on the Mary Rose, he was given responsibility for the wrecks of Assurance (1753) and Pomone (1811) off ‘The Needles’ (1978-86). In 1980 he identified and achieved the designation for the 74-gun Invincible lying in the Eastern Solent. He was a founder member of the Nautical Archaeological Society and  is currently the Chairman of Maritime Archaeology Trust incorporating the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology.

On 18 July, John Bevan and John Towse, both of whom were involved in Southsea Sub Aqua Club’s initial search for the Mary Rose will give a talk on their experiences related to the investigation and eventual discovery of Henry VIII’s warship. Their talk will also cover the diving club’s work on another famous Solent wreck, the Royal George.

On 12 September, John Dadd will give a presentation on ‘Operation Blackleg’ – the Royal Navy’s mission to salvage classified material from HMS Coventry which was a casualty of the Falklands War. His talk will cover the tragic loss of the ship; the diving training required for such a deep water exercise; and the salvage itself.

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All our evening talks are held at The Diving Museum, No. 2 Battery, Stokes Bay Road (at the western end of Stokes Bay).

Entry is £6 per head and refreshments are included.