Graham Hullett – a Photographic Tribute

Image7loFrederick Graham Hullett, 1932-2012
Vicar, Biker, Diver

Graham’s passion for motorcycling and young people is indisputable. As vicar and leader of the ’59 Club’ in the 1960s and early 70s, he earned the respect and admiration of the young rockers. He also took on the extra responsibility for the football team and the sub-aqua group. He was the heart and soul of the Club.

His enthusiasm to help was indefatigable. When he joined the HDS he acted as ‘Exhibitions Officer’ for many years.

Generous, warm-hearted, and inspirational, ‘Father Graham’ was a man of faith who devoted his life to helping others. He is greatly missed.

This video is a compilation of photographs – mostly from his time at the 59 Club. Thank you to everyone who kindly provided photos to Phil Thurtle so that this video could be made.

For Graham …