Diving Knife Collection Stolen

Stolen from a collector in West London about 27/28 November. A collection of diving Knives including 6 Siebe short swords (three 175th Anniversary (one with faded wooden handle), one well used, one, chrome (inc. sheath) and one with blade ground off one side (no sheath), 1 Siebe & Gorman screw-in, 3 Heinke (two with brass handle, (one Heinke & Co, one Heinke & Co Ltd. one of these is in a Siebe style sheath, third Heinke is a Scuba dagger in an aluminium sheath), 2 US Navy style screw-in knives and a Nemrod scuba knife circa 1968 in a plastic sheath. Stolen at the same time was a ‘new model’ Aqualung Mistral regulator in it’s ‘brief case’.

Any information please contact [email protected] quoting crime reference 2533175/12.