Syd Knowles’ artefacts

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Syd Knowles, the diving partner of Lionel ‘Buster’ Crabb died in 2012. His widow, Frances Knowles, has kindly loaned some of Syd’s personal items to The Diving Museum so that they can be displayed for the enjoyment of ‘like-minded people’. The package containing the artefacts was opened in The Diving Museum on Thursday, 13 December 2012.

As many items as possible will be on display in The Diving Museum when it re-opens in March 2013.

This short video reveals those items.

QinetiQ donates equipment

Christmas has come early for the Society. Thanks to QinetiQ and HDS member, Gavin Anthony, a large collection of diving equipment was donated to the Society today.

Photographs of the collection can be seen in our Photo Gallery. It includes a SABA set, a Siebe Gorman smoke helmet, gas control panels, helmets, and boxes of equipment (not yet unexplored).

During the winter months we will sort through this treasure trove and, where possible, we will arrange for some of the equipment to be on display in the Diving Museum next year.

Diving Knife Collection Stolen

Stolen from a collector in West London about 27/28 November. A collection of diving Knives including 6 Siebe short swords (three 175th Anniversary (one with faded wooden handle), one well used, one, chrome (inc. sheath) and one with blade ground off one side (no sheath), 1 Siebe & Gorman screw-in, 3 Heinke (two with brass handle, (one Heinke & Co, one Heinke & Co Ltd. one of these is in a Siebe style sheath, third Heinke is a Scuba dagger in an aluminium sheath), 2 US Navy style screw-in knives and a Nemrod scuba knife circa 1968 in a plastic sheath. Stolen at the same time was a ‘new model’ Aqualung Mistral regulator in it’s ‘brief case’.

Any information please contact [email protected] quoting crime reference 2533175/12.