Bay House School – Buster Crabb Investigation

Museum Bay House Jul 11 - 2The mysterious disappearance of Lionel ‘Buster’ Crabb became the focus of an investigation by some 180 students aged 14 years of age from neighbouring Bay¬† House School. As part of their investigation, they visited The Diving Museum at Stokes Bay where they were given instruction on the use of closed circuit oxygen rebreathers and other equipment used by Royal Navy divers in covert operations.

Museum Bay House Jul 11 -1The students attended in groups of 15 at a time. After a very brief tour of the Museum, they assembled at the Military Diving Section. Ex-Royal Navy Clearance Divers John Dadd and Jim Thomson were there to provide their expertise. They explained the many difficulties that would have faced Crabb on his dangerous mission as well as a variety of potential scenarios that may have been played out.

The student sleuths were given the opportunity to question the expert divers before they left to continue their investigations back at Bay House School. Each student was eventually tasked with giving his/her opinion as to what they think might have happened to Crabb.

More images of the event can be found here.