The Historical Diving Society

The Historical Diving Society (the HDS) was formed in 1990 in the UK by a group of enthusiasts whose aim is to preserve and protect diving heritage. Since then the Society has grown into an international organisation with affiliated national societies across the world. Read more…

Latest News

Gosport Heritage Open Days

Every October Gosport has a “Heritage Open Day” programme where local venues open to the public for free.

The Diving Museum participates in Gosport Heritage Open Days (GHODs) and this year a young media student from St Vincent’s College made a video of several of the venues. The Diving Museum was one of the venues she included in her video. We were delighted to help her.

Her film is now available on You Tube:


Bob Campbell bequest

In the last RopeSignal we recorded the sad news of the passing of Bob Campbell.  Now we learn that Bob has remembered the society in his will, bequeathing us his comprehensive collection of demand valves, many of them of great rarity, as well as a large quantity of spares, tools, handbooks, drawings and his personal diving library of some 300 books.  The bequest will form an invaluable addition to the society’s collections, providing rare items for the museum displays and a vital resource for research on the history and development of demand valves, now and for future generations.